Pymatuning Lake

Pymatuninig Lake at sunriseThe area surrounding Pymatuning was shaped by glaciers more than 14,000 years ago. The land was dotted with dozens of kettle lakes as the ice melted away. Indians were attracted to the area due to its rich wetland habitat and number of wild animals. The first inhabitants around the lake were the Mound Builders. The lake was named for Pihmtomink, the leader of the Lenape tribe. Pymatuning translates as "crooked mouth man's dwelling place".

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Ashtabula Covered Bridges

Being in Ashtabula County, Andover has access to 16 of the 160 covered bridges in Ohio. Ashtabula county is home to the:

  • covered-bridge-picWindsor Mills Covered Bridge
  • Riverdale Road Covered Bridge
  • Harpersfield Covered Bridge
  • Mechanicsville Road Covered Bridge
  • Doyle Road Covered Bridge
  • Root Road Covered Bridge
  • South Denmark Covered Bridge
  • Caine Road Covered Bridge
  • Graham Road Covered Bridge
  • Benetka Road Covered Bridge
  • Olin Road Covered Bridge
  • State Road Covered Bridge
  • Creek Road Covered Bridge
  • Middle Road Covered Bridge
  • Netcher Road Covered Bridge
  • Giddings Road Covered Bridge
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Pierpont Township


In 1790, at Buffalo, New York, the Seneca nation, represented by Joseph Brant, ceded their rights east of the Cuyahoga River to the Connecticut Land Company. The community was named after Pierpont Edwards, delegate to the Continental Congress and part owner of the Connecticut Land Company, who bought the land from Connecticut in 1795.

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Andover, Ohio

Train at rest in Andover Ohio, located near Pymatuning LakeHistory

Andover was established in 1883 when the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railways built a line branching from Ashtabula to Youngstown. This brought work and prosperity to Andover. Railroad families, retired farmers, merchants and other business people mostly populated this area. The western part of town was settled in the rolling hills with a plentiful water supply. The eastern part of town was more level but quite swampy in some areas. This low area became part of the Pymatuning Reservoir in the 1930's. The western portion of Andover is high and rolling. The eastern part is more level and in some places quite low. It is one of the highest townships in Ashtabula County.

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